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Facing charges for a drug-related DUI can quickly introduce significant complexities into your life. Regardless of your guilt or innocence, enlisting the services of a skilled Melbourne DUI attorney is one of the most impactful steps toward securing a just verdict or a full exoneration.

When the topic of DUIs comes up in conversation or in the news, most of the time, people are talking about those related to alcohol. However, there are many DUI cases that occur because an individual has been charged, sober or not, with operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs. If you’ve been charged with a drug-related DUI, you need to hire a Melbourne DUI attorney to help you negotiate your sentence or accurately plead your case.

Common DUI With Drugs Charges

    • Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs: This takes place when someone is stopped and charged with the use of any drug that impairs driving. These include hallucinogenic drugs like LSD, marijuana, and certain prescription drugs. 
    • Specific Drug DUI: This charge comes from when you are suspected of operating a vehicle under the influence of a specific drug, such as PCP or methamphetamine. 
    • Possession Of Controlled Substances: This charge takes place when someone is stopped and found to be in possession of any illegal controlled substance. This charge extends to prescription medication without a prescription. 
    • Child Endangerment: This takes place when you are charged with a drug-related DUI, and you have a child in the vehicle. 

Drugs That Can Result In Impaired Driving

Different drugs can impair an individual’s ability to operate a vehicle and impact them in a variety of ways. For example:

  • Cocaine can result in erratic and impulsive behavior behind the wheel
  • Marijuana can result in delayed response time 
  • Benzodiazepines and opioids can result in drowsiness 

If a driver is pulled over and suspected of having drugs such as these or any others in their system, they could face a drug-related DUI charge. 

Penalties Of Being Convicted Of A Drug-Related DUI

Penalties for a DUI with drugs conviction can vary depending on several factors, including the jurisdiction, the type of drugs involved, and whether it’s a first-time offense or a repeat offense. 

It’s important to note that DUI laws and penalties can change, so it’s crucial to consult with an attorney familiar with the laws in your specific jurisdiction. However, here are some general penalties you might face for a DUI with drugs conviction:

  • Fines: DUI convictions often involve fines, which can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 
  • Probation: Some individuals may receive probation in addition to or instead of fines and incarceration. Probation typically includes conditions such as drug testing, education programs, and regular check-ins with a probation officer. 
  • Imprisonment: Jail or prison sentences are possible consequences of a DUI with drugs conviction, especially if it’s a repeat offense or if there are aggravating factors. 
  • Driver’s License Suspension: A DUI conviction can result in the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. The length of the suspension varies by jurisdiction and may be longer for repeat offenders.
  • Mandatory Treatment: Some jurisdictions require individuals convicted of DUI with drugs to complete drug education or treatment programs.
  • Criminal Record: A DUI conviction, whether alcohol- or drug-related, can result in a criminal record, which can have long-term consequences for employment, housing, and other aspects of life. 
  • Increased Insurance Costs: A DUI conviction can lead to a significant increase in auto insurance premiums or even the cancellation of your insurance policy.
  • Possible Felony Charges: In some cases, if there are aggravating factors (such as a serious accident or injury), a DUI with drugs can be charged as a felony, leading to more severe penalties. 
  • Community Service: Courts may require individuals to perform community service as part of their sentence. 

Additional Penalties for Minors: 

If you are underage and found to be driving under the influence of drugs, you may face additional penalties, including license suspension, fines, or mandatory substance abuse education programs.

Should You Still Hire A Melbourne DUI Attorney Even If You Think You Are Guilty?

You may wonder what purpose a defense attorney will serve if you think that you are guilty of the crimes with which you are charged. 

Taking this step remains one of the most beneficial you can take because an attorney will still help you to understand your charges, is able to challenge evidence that is being used against you, and greatly improves the likelihood that you will receive a lighter sentence, even if you are ultimately convicted.

How The Law Office of John A. Spellacy Can Help You

It is not only wise that you find an attorney to represent you in court; it is also your right. Selecting a Melbourne DUI attorney is one of the most proactive measures you can take to ensure that you are well-prepared and fully supported throughout every stage of any legal proceedings for your charges.

I can help you by:

  • Developing responses for any questioning prior to or during the trial 
  • Informing you of potential outcomes that may result from your charges
  • Helping you understand your charges and your rights
  • Negotiating a lighter sentence
  • Exploring any and all available defenses, from pretrial motions to defenses at trial 

Legal representation in the courtroom allows you to receive a sentence that is appropriate to the crime and the circumstances under which it was committed and gives you a better chance of receiving a fair trial. Contact my law office today for your free case evaluation.

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